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GoAppuGo Amazing Doctors Kit with musical Learning Ambulance

Regular price Rs. 1,295.00
GoAppuGo Amazing Doctors Kit with musical Learning Ambulance
  • GoAppuGo Doctors Kit with Musical Learning Ambulance Car Toy is a great combination of "high quality doctors kit" and " a musical ambulance car"
  • Start the ambulance and it will send out starting sound, press down the driver head to start music, open the compartments to see and play with various medical instruments, check the cardiogram by pressing the button, check the x-ray by presssing another button, press different buttons for sounds of heart beat, stomach, cough etc
  • An interactive, self guided, emergency rescue vehicle toy with medical accessories, lights, sounds, and figurines • Drives around and automatically bumps away from walls and other obstacles •
  • Multiple learning activities helps in all round development of the child.
  • Amazing Doctors Tool Kit wtih Ambulance is the best musical learning educational toy you can gift a baby

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